Handle angle

While getting into the BMX game again I am struggling to get a decent manual and j-hop landed. A fellow rider named Tim told me that the handlebars are a little too much forwards leaning into Chicago-style.

Looking more closely to other setups, he’s surely right about it. Getting my weight above the rear axle is just undoable. Unable to move my bum towards the back enough I am unable to balance the bike out. Even though it’s just a few centimeters to the front it will make a difference in the tilting point.

A broomstick is used to vertically level out the the bar to the fork. The handling will be different and I hope my knees will survive.

The front load stem has already been flipped to rise the bar a little. When this isn’t feeling right of slips too much, due to the downward impact force, a top load stem will be installed.

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